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What is Alchemy?

What is Yoga?

What is their connection?

What is Yogic Alchemy?

The tradition of yoga is an extraordinarily deep and powerful practice. It is the science of spiritual transformation and is a form of alchemy. Just as the alchemists had specific processes to transform lead into gold, the yogis had specific processes, or techniques, to transform the individual... raising the energetic vibration and our consciousness to high states of union with the supreme reality, commonly referred to as spiritual awakening. As traditional yoga works with the deep levels of our being, this transformation happens from within, so a more accurate term would be inner alchemy.


One of the most important tools used for transformation in yoga are the chakras. The chakras are subtle organs, or centers of force, through which we connect to the universe and to the various layers of our subtle bodies (physical, etheric, astral and spirit/higher self). When the chakras are properly aroused and under conscious control the human can resonate with all energies of the universe. Each chakras resonates with specific forces and levels of consciousness that affect our health, strength and state of mind. Our overall vibration.

As we awaken our chakras we begin to arouse many subtle layers within us that were previously lying dormant. This creates an alchemical process, the transformation of the individual and the expansion of the consciousness. As each chakra is awakened another level of consciousness opens, expanding our conscious experience of the world/universe. We begin to perceive reality as it is, beyond the filters of the mind.

What are these yogic processes?

Unfortunately, much of the yoga practiced today has become very diluted from its traditional origins. Commonly practiced for just the physical body, it can often resemble some kind of modern gymnastics, and the metaphysical aspects of yoga, including the chakras, exist for many only on an intellectual level. They are just a piece of theory, or an interesting concept. The intellectual understanding of the chakras does give us a system through which to understand ourselves and our relation to the universe, and each chakra governs various aspects of our being; physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually, connecting us to the corresponding aspects in the universe. But as long as it remains on the level of the intellect it will not create any true or lasting transformation. Therefore, to use the chakras as a tool for spiritual transformation we must learn to awaken them from a conscious level. This means, to feel the chakras for ourselves and know them from an intimate level. Inner alchemy is transformation through the use of specific techniques that put metaphysical knowledge into practical use.

For example; you attend a yoga class, and the teacher does happen to know the posture you are doing works on a specific chakra, and they tell you this during the performance and this is all they tell you. So you take their word for it. After the class you leave thinking that a specific chakra was aroused, and then you think to yourself that if I just do more of that posture then I will awaken that chakra. On some level this may be true but it would probably take you a lifetime to do it, if at all. This is not a conscious arousal. Were you conscious of the chakra or of the movement of energy? NO! You were not given all the information you needed, so this is an attempt to arouse your chakra unconsciously. The purpose of yoga is to become more conscious, hence the term expansion of the consciousness. Therefore if we are doing actions unconsciously then we are moving in the wrong direction. To awaken the chakras and create spiritual transformation the consciousness must be involved. Change on any level of the human being can only happen when we are conscious of it.

How do we awaken the chakras?

All traditional yogic techniques were used for the purpose of awakening the chakras, and in turn raising the level of consciousness. If you have been to a yoga class then you would be familiar with the asanas (the various postures, or positions, the body is placed in). This is the most well known and most widely practiced aspect of yoga, and yet it is the most misunderstood and misrepresented. Although this is only a small part of the yogic system, the postures provide a very effective way to awaken the chakras, if you know how to use them.

So, why write this ebook if you can just go to a yoga class? If it were that simple, why can't everyone that attends yoga classes perceive their own chakras? It should be that simple! The problem with most yoga classes today is, as mentioned above, they have been diluted from there original purpose and practiced from a very physical perspective and so most teachers probably do not know the deeper aspects of the asanas, and even worse, are not aware of their own chakras.

Yoga studios have become big business these days. The classes getting shorter and shorter, so more classes can fit into one day, meaning more profit. So many different styles being offered to keep people interested but very rarely are there classes teaching fundamental energy development.

Have you ever been to a yoga class where the teacher did actually speak about the chakras, but it felt like they were reading from a book? Did it sound like they really knew the chakras, intimately, or were they just repeating standard chakra information? There are some amazing teachers out there that do teach this deeper aspect and when you hear them speak there is no doubt that they KNOW. Once you have started to develop your chakras it becomes very easy to tell the difference between the teachers that know and those that don't.

Traditional vs Modern

You may wonder how these postures could become diluted over time? The earliest known texts of yoga are about 2000 years old. Even if we ignore the many postures created in modern times to work on the physical body, and just look at the traditional postures, many of which are still practiced today, then how are they different?... Are they different at all?... YES! There is a major difference, but not one that can be seen with the eyes. This is the subtle level, and is the most important.

So, yes we can put ourselves into a posture, but why? Why this posture and not that one? Each posture has a specific purpose, and I can assure you its' traditional purpose was not to tighten the abs or give you a nice buttocks. When we put our body into a specific position it makes the energy run in certain ways and focus in specific points... the chakras. As society became more materialistic yoga was diluted and used on a very physical level and much of the deeper knowledge of chakra awakening was forgotten.

I am not saying that "modern" yoga is bad. It has its place, and there have been many studies done that have proved the numerous health benefits derived from the practice of yoga, such as reduced stress and cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, increased fitness levels, flexibility and overall health and wellbeing. However, it should be known that these are not the ultimate goal of yoga, they are by-products of yoga. When yoga is practiced for its' traditional spiritual purpose then these benefits naturally come along the way.

It comes down to a choice; If you are practicing yoga for the physical benefits then you have many styles to choose from, but if you practice for a truly spiritual purpose then this "modern" yoga is missing something, and you may have already thought about this yourself. If you want to use yoga to awaken and feel the chakras for yourself there are some essential facts you need to know.

Theory vs Experience

There have been many books written about the chakras, and if you like, you could spend a long time reading and still not know everything that has been written about them. This will give you a very good intellectual understanding but will not awaken them. This theory is still another person's interpretation or belief and will also not create transformation. What will create transformation is your direct experience. There is a common saying: an ounce of practice is worth a tonne of theory. Nothing could be more true, one moment of experience and you will know for yourself the power and potential of the chakras and consciousness.

The Yogic Alchemy, Ebook

This ebook is meant as a practical workbook. Its focus is mainly on the use of specific postures for the awakening of each chakra. It contains:

Very important theoretical concepts, essential knowledge when working with energy and the chakras.

Description of the most fundamental qualities of the chakras.

Specific postures for the awakening of each chakra, plus other various techniques.

Powerful techniques for increasing awareness, creating energetic balance and the raising of consciousness.

All the knowledge you need to begin awakening your chakras.

All techniques aid in the building and perception of the subtle bodies.

The techniques contained within this ebook are for those who are not satisfied with just theoretical knowledge or someone else's opinion, but wish to discover for themselves the true meaning and potential of the chakras.

This ebook is available via instant download for $29US from You will be forwarded to the download page as soon as payment is received.

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